Scene: Classroom
Location: A park
Subject: Mathematics

Break is over. Last bite of a sandwich, the last sip of juice, the last loud laugh, and the group started to settle down.

In just a few moments, headsets and glasses up, you enter a little city bustling with stick people and boxy cars. Interesting, you whisper, and walk a little further. “Who’s that?” Angelio — a little angular shape hopping around. Say Hi!

“Hello!”, she replies with a confused face. “Do you know what place this is? I want to go home.”

To which you reply, “Where do you live? …

Babies have a wonderful way of exploring the world around them. If you look at them closely, you see the engagement of physical self, the sensory feedback, and absolute immersion into every project they begin. I am your weird next door baby watcher, who observes how babies learn, and I can vouch that babies have never felt bored of mixing salt in water, or looking for dinosaurs in the backyard soil, they can do it for hours everyday. …

The pandemic and it’s uncertainty hit the Emergency switch in Education. With the internet revolution, MOOCs, online video resources and Zoom, transition to digital learning was expected to work pretty much seamlessly. But the myth was soon broken, and many of us saw the education system spill through the seams in the face of remote learning. The world realized what teachers have known all along — they aren’t simply delivering knowledge and facts, they imbue learning by creating a physical, personal experience in the classroom. …

The future is immersive, says almost every Augmented and Virtual reality talking piece. The possibility offered by new degrees of freedom, life-like interactions, and immersive play are genuinely hard to ignore.

Our AR Storytelling experiment, using Body Pose Tracking

While the potential holds true, reality is still far from it. For all the talk about immersion, there is no singular “life-like immersion” we can currently achieve with AR. The hardware and software platforms supporting AR and VR all come with their own constraints, so, we experience immersion in varying degrees. …

Stylized board game with educational value
Image copyright: Harvard Business Review

Learning games, meaning games that are designed to teach specific concepts, have been a revolution in waiting for more than a few decades now. Yet, somehow, we don’t seem to have made as much progress in successfully translating education and learning to great video games as we would’ve liked to do.

Having worked at the intersection of education and games for a while now, I have discovered a few principles for designing learning games, if they are to do learning well while being a great game.

If you want to use games as a medium for teaching, then first and…

My husband and I just moved from Florida (the Sunshine State) to San Francisco (oops! what’s the hurry?). I must admit we are floored by the pace and energy of this place. Feels like a parallel universe we got shipped into,

Space is squeezed, rent too elastic. Zoom goes the Uber, down steep lanes, our hearts skip a beat, beep beep! Humans talk only business, it seems they got closer to robots, trying to turn them human. Even elevators pause only for a second, grab the flight or it’s gone! ‘Got work to do man!’

Though I love the magnificence…

Jyoti Bishnoi

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