From couch to chair! welcome to San Francisco :D

My husband and I just moved from Florida (the Sunshine State) to San Francisco (oops! what’s the hurry?). I must admit we are floored by the pace and energy of this place. Feels like a parallel universe we got shipped into,

Space is squeezed, rent too elastic. Zoom goes the Uber, down steep lanes, our hearts skip a beat, beep beep! Humans talk only business, it seems they got closer to robots, trying to turn them human. Even elevators pause only for a second, grab the flight or it’s gone! ‘Got work to do man!’

Though I love the magnificence around me, the huge towers, the architecture, but dude — haven’t seen sunrise in a week.

Drone is missing its flight, and hover-boards have no work anymore. Driving feels like a 3D video game. No place for couches!, huh! sit stiff on that chair dear friend, you’ve got miles to go (before you rest). It feels like a Love-Hate relation, it’s a city you love to hate, and hate for ‘being in love’.

You dream more, technology galore; Even the billboards talk of Slack and Trello. Virtual Reality rules our heart, and the mind is boggled by innovation so much. Oiling the lamp with creative passion, a million hearts and souls: the equation fits perfect.

But then, did I hear someone say — the Valley will burst? For you my friend, ‘Go pick your hay, don’t worry about us, the Valley is here to stay.

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